Building a Path Forward Through Collaboration

Scugog, Ontario – As we celebrate 110 years of unwavering commitment to our local business community, the Scugog Chamber of Commerce is excited to embark on a new transformative journey. With a steadfast dedication to progress and collaboration, we proudly introduce the North Durham Chamber of Commerce. This marks a pivotal moment as we embrace a regional approach to economic development, recognizing the inherent strengths of our area and the boundless opportunities that lie ahead.

What You Need To Know

What is the North Durham Chamber of Commerce?

The North Durham Chamber of Commerce is the voice of business in North Durham Region.  Seeing the need for a greater voice and a go-to resource for businesses, this umbrella organization covers Scugog and Uxbridge formally, with a strong collaboration with the Brock Board of Trade.

Why should my business join the North Durham Chamber of Commerce?

 Joining the North Durham Chamber of Commerce (NDCC) provides your business with networking opportunities, access to valuable resources, advocacy support, and visibility within the community, helping you grow and succeed.

Is my membership good in Scugog, Uxbridge and Brock Townships?

When you pay your membership dues to the NDCC you are a member of the chamber that officially covers Scugog and Uxbridge and therefore are able to attend events (some for a small fee) that are offered by the NDCC.  We are working closely with our colleagues at the Brock Board of Trade (BBOT) to offer joint events and initiatives.  You are more than welcome to attend any event that the Brock Board of Trade offers at a non-members rate, or of course you are welcome to join the BBOT as well for maximum exposure to your business. While Brock falls under this umbrella, they are currently a separate entity.

What benefits does membership offer?

Membership benefits include networking events, promotional opportunities, advocacy on behalf of your business, access to business resources, and participation in community initiatives. You get to network with businesses from all over North Durham Region (Brock, Scugog and Uxbridge).

How can I join the North Durham Chamber of Commerce?

 You can join the North Durham Chamber of Commerce by completing the online membership application on our website or by contacting our office for assistance.

How much does it cost to join?

Membership dues are $205.00 +hst for the year.  The year runs from January – December.  If you join in April, you get a prorated amount.

What networking opportunities are available to members?

 Members have access to a variety of networking events, including business mixers, breakfast meetings, workshops, and seminars designed to help you connect with other business professionals in the community.  Events are held in Scugog AND Uxbridge.

How does the Chamber advocate for businesses?

The North Durham Chamber of Commerce advocates for businesses at the local, provincial, and federal levels, representing the interests of our members on issues that impact the business community.  We are also members of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Can the Chamber help me promote my business?

Yes, the Chamber offers various promotional opportunities, including advertising on our website, sponsorship opportunities for Chamber events, and participation in our member directory.

How can I get involved in Chamber initiatives and committees?

Members are encouraged to get involved in Chamber initiatives by joining one of our committees, such as the Membership Committee, Events Committee, or Government Affairs Committee. Contact our office for more information on how to get involved.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

Your voice is crucial as the North Durham Chamber of Commerce evolves. Engage with us, share your insights, and help us better support our local businesses during these transformative times.